What Our Customers Say About Us

  • I was most satisfied with the personal relationships…Being able to get someone on the phone when I needed something was very helpful. 

  • They have good customer service. They take good care of their people. Their project manager does a fantastic job for us.

  • The service was professional and done on time. They provide one on one customer service…very helpful and courteous. I would recommend them.

  • I was most satisfied with how their sale managers and superintendents conduct themselves. They do a good job about following up.

  • They were very professional and responded to us in a timely and professional manner.

  • They always provide consistency, accountability, accuracy, and follow through. They have a great balance of big picture understanding…and the ground level technical skills to deliver environmental risk mitigation.

  • Professionalism…. they are clean, neat, tidy, driving company vehicles, wearing company uniforms, they check in with our superintendent immediately to clarify scopes of work, and before they leave they make sure everything has been taken care of. 

  • Price-wise they were the most competitive. Their rep showed up on time and they did what I asked.

  • A great company, bottom line…I am very satisfied with my experience and I would highly recommend The Erosion Company to a friend.