Erosion Control Training for Certification

Re-Certification Classes

According to State law a certified individual shall be required to attend and participate in at least four hours of approved continuing education courses, as established by the Commission, every three years.

Level 1A

The Level IA Fundamentals Seminar is a one day course designed to train contractors, builders, developers, site superintendents, grading and utility contractors, and monitoring consultants in the proper installation, maintenance, and inspection of BMPs on construction sites.
Topics covered in this course are fundamentals of erosion and sediment control, the Georgia Erosion & Sedimentation Act, NPDES Permits, field maintenance, stream buffers, vegetative and structural BMP practices.

Level 1B

The Level IB Advanced Fundamentals Seminar is a two day course designed to train regulatory enforcement inspectors and non-regulatory personnel inspectors contracted to do regulatory work to accurately inspect land disturbance areas for compliance with state erosion and sedimentation laws. The course will cover several topics such as the role of the inspector, ES&PC planning and review, and local program overview criteria.

Upcoming Programs

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